Our methodology

To ensure that a project runs smoothly and on time, we make it a point of honour to apply a strict methodology to all the sites we build.


Getting in touch with us

During our first contact, we will analyse together your project and your objectives in order to propose you the most suitable solution.


Definition of the specifications

In the case where you don't have specifications, we will carry them out together in order to properly frame your project and choose the most appropriate technologies.


Quotation and Planning

We make a commercial proposal and a theoretical planning. This will give you an idea of the sequence of tasks.


Graphic design

We create together the graphic models of your site, after validation of these we move to the development phase.


Installation, Development and Integration

Here we are, we start developing your site on a pre-production server, we install the content management system (WordPress, Prestashop, Custom), and integrate your content and validated design together.


Setting up the content

Several choices are available to you, we usually integrate the content of your site but if you have the necessary skills it is possible to let you control it.


Validation phase

First, internally, we test the site under all browsers to correct any display or interaction problems. Then, we give you access to it to test and validate what has been defined together in the specifications.


The online publication

Once the site has been validated, we move on to the production of the site. This means that we transfer it to your server in order to make it visible to the whole world.


A website is good, but a visible and secure one is better

The sites are developed in accordance with current SEO and Cybersecurity standards. After the production of this one, we check during two weeks the possible problems of referencing and security.



Unlike free offers on the Internet, you will not be alone after setting up your site. Training can be provided (Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region) on backoffice management.

We also offer a maintenance service, you can discover it HERE.

The tools we use

For the management of our projects